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Recorded in Pikeville, KY

Episode 1, Feat. Justin Hall

Hosted by Austin Coleman and Lynn Parrish

In the inaugural episode of Appalachian Tech Talk, we discuss the origins and growth of Bit Source with Justin Hall, the company’s Chief Technical Officer.

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Episode 2, Featuring William Stevens and Garland Couch

Hosted by Austin Coleman and Lynn Parrish

In this episode of Appalachian Tech Talk, we speak with William Stevens and Garland Couch, coal miners turned software developers.  They discuss their previous jobs in the coal industry, their current jobs in the tech sector, and how the former contribute to the latter.

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Episode 3, feat. Payton May

Hosted by Austin Coleman and Lynn Parrish

In this episode, we are joined by Payton May, Chief Operating Officer of Bit Source.  We discuss Payton’s background in architecture and design, as well as Bit Source’s current projects and involvement in the community.

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